Scholarships and Art Contest

2017 Art and Poster Contest for the 2018 NAHMA Calendar

Poster Contest

The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) is proud to kick off the annual art/calendar contest. We anticipate that more than 5,000 children, elderly and residents with special needs nationwide will be participating in the calendar art contest this year.

We have added a subtheme to the drug-free message to reinforce a more positive use of time and to encourage a broader range of submissions. The underlying message for the contest will continue to have a drug-free theme but we also wanted to open the door for more avenues of expression.

The subtheme for the 2017 contest is Learning Will Get Me Where I’m Going: Reaching for Knowledge.

Below are contest rules and tips for various Affordable Housing Management Associations (AHMAs), property management companies and on-site property managers on how to hold an art contest. If you require additional information on NAHMA’s national finalists contest, please contact Brenda Moser at the NAHMA office at 703-683-8630, ext. 112.

Click Here to download the rules and registration guidelines.