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We welcome the opportunity to help employers and prospective employees in the affordable housing industry in the southwest. This job bank is a convenience service provided by SW-AHMA and there is no guarantee or responsibility on the part of SW-AHMA for individual job performance, or accuracy of job descriptions posted. All responses to postings on this site are the sole responsibility and risk of the respondent.

New procedures: Please send a WORD document or PDF through email, please contact us to begin the process. Be sure to include how potential applicants should respond to you (email, phone, website etc.). Please indicate in your email if you are an SW-AHMA member or not. Thank you. Job descriptions will be posted for 90 days only.

To post a resume, please contact us to start the process. Please be sure to include all relevant contact information. Resume submissions are accepted in PDF format only, and must be condensed to one page. Resumes will be posted for 90 days only.

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